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One roommate needed and one drummer needed

Greetings fellow gothic philly friends.

So I live in East Falls, PA (It is near Fairmount and Manayunk) and live in a house with two band members. We have a unique goth/rock sound that includes vocals with distortion and dark themes, viola, bass guitar and piano/synthesizer.

Two things:

One: We are in need of more band members, preferably percussion/drums. Drum set, timpani, electric drums, conga, box drum all acceptable. Other percussionists and instruments are welcome to apply. Maybe violin, guitar, saxophone etc...

Two: We are in need of a fourth housemate to help with the rent. You would have your own private bedroom on the second floor for about $400 a month (including utilities and internet) but you would have to be a non-smoker, a pet lover, not eat red meat and preferably be a vegetarian, and OK with lots of music being played, including one night of band practice a week, and daily or nightly classical piano practice. And be LGBT (gay, lesbian, bi, or trans) or open and accepting of those who are.

Please contact me with any questions.